Thursday, 29 November 2012

The workshed and the art of trying to complete one project at a time.

The stuff you can learn on you tube nowadays is amazing. I wanted a forge to cast aluminium and thanks to a blog by 'MYFORDBOY' I was able to make just that. I needed a simple metal lathe and with a bit of googling i'm well on my way to coming up with something well useable though not precision made, but the tolerances are fine for now. With what I have now i could buid a very fine 'gingery lathe'. 'THE VINTAGE PROJECT' and 'THE BACKYARD  METAL CASTING BLOG' are perfect for this.

So now down to my air rifles. There's the 22 Wiehrauch hw 35 which only needs an inspection and a lube really, seeing as its shooting one inch groups at 30 yards and the woodwork is uttererly unique with immaculate blueing.

I bought two Crosmans a while back. The pistol, a 2044, is one the best pistols you can get for your money. It comes with many after market parts. The other is the Air Source 1077 which is a repeater based upon the Ruger 1022 firearm, this little beaut is hours of fun but can be exspensive in co2 depending on how carried away you get with it, and with it being a cold November morning the power drops like Shelley Winters off a cliff edge. I did have an idea once to change the barrels in the 1077 from a 177 to a 22, but we shall wait and see on that one, shall we?

The BSA Meteor  I picked up for a small price was coated in loads of black paint, wouldn't fire a pellet as you could hear piston creep down the action , no breach seal, and no rear sight, and because its a mk111 its impossible to fit a scope mount at this time. A good stripdown, replacing the disintegrated leather spacer on the piston and turning a new breach seal (the O ring seemed fine), turps, wet and dry, and wirewool soon got the piston bore all smooth and shiny. Stripped the piant off the gun and got it looking spiffing and shooting fine, most definitely a project for more affluent times, I save a lot of money making my own parts.

Now the project I think deserves the most attention for now is the sad tale of the 22 Relum Telly I found in a skip many moons ago. The poor thing just lay there with a shattered stock and a slightly bent barrel a sure sign that the barrel had snapped shut prematurely. I plan to build a new stock for it - I have some lovely wood for this project and am quite eager to be getting on with it as soon as i'm over this stinking flu.


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