Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Birthday!

Many air gunners find their partners not to be that supportive of their hobby, however on this occasion I find myself a humble and nutritious spouse of thankfullness. I wasn't expecting any presents from my wife for my birthday yesterday, as we are saving up for the new rifle I want, but she surprised me with all these thoughtful and loving gifts! Wowser, I was surprised!

I got:

A Dickies lumberjack padded shirt
A Jack Pyke realtree leafy balaclava
Some Deerhunter realtree leafy gloves
A book - 'Rabbiting' by Sean Frain
A DVD - Total Airgun Hunting II - rabbits

And best of all, a chronoscope, the Combro CB-625!!!

What joy! What excellence! What a superb and sufficient wife I have! Perhaps I should buy her lots of chocolate ...

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