Sunday, 27 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and are going to have an even better New Year! This year, the Angry Angry Gun Company is planning on catching up on all those old air rifles I have sitting around in my airing cupboard, I know I have been slacking of late and it's time I put a stop to that.

Weihrauch HW 35 Luxus, needs a good looking over internally

Webley Hawk MkII rear sight needs fixing but it shoots a dream with a scope on. Bit of a clean up wouldn't do it any harm either.

BSA Meteor, might have a go at cold bluing this one.

ASI Sniper, it shoot a dream with a scope on.

Heanel Mod 1, rear sight and main spring as well as safety.

SMK 15, Most likely sell it as there is not a lot to improve successfully.

I plan to fish out my .177 Air Arms Shamal and get into a bit of HFT since my other half has bought me a voucher for four sessions at my local shooting club(bless her cotton socks).

The Air Arms Shamal in .177, has been known to shoot the nads off a gnat in flight.

She also got me a tactical vest in olive with pouches for 8 M4 mags, 4 pistol mag pouches, a chest pistol holster and numerous other bits and bobs i've yet to discover a use for, so now i've got a more up to date set up for my airsoft and steel plate challenge. Sure looks the dog's bollocks with my M4, Berreta 92, and Sig P226, and I don't have to use my DMP's and 58 webbing all the time. It's also an excuse to make some more steel plate targets!

OK. It's more a Taurus than a Beretta.

The Sig X5 is a hoot to shoot.

The Cyber Gun AEG M4 is cheap but does me fine for now.

Well, there is fun to be had in the new year and I hope you get to have some too. Have a Happy New Year one and all and above all please try to remember where you hid those bodies.


Best wishes, Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe. 

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