Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cheap Diy Fake Silencer For My Cheap Airsoft M4

Do you suffer from gun envy? Do other people laugh and scoff at how short your M4 is?

It's not how big it is, it's how you use it that counts.

Well let me tell you there are ways to turn your stubby little rifle into a throbbing power house of great length and girth, the girls will be truely impressed.

Bigger is better.

As you see the answer is simple, add a fake moderator for the length, and a red dot sight will definately improve the girth. I also discovered that the ASG 30 round mags i bought recently were bigger than the hi-cap mag that came with the rifle, so that helps.

The red dot sight was purchased off Amazon from a company/supplier called D B Power, mine was £21 plus postage though they can be nearer £30 from other places.

Some red dots and sights can be larger than this one.

The silencer was contructed from various diameters of plastic water pipe which i have had sitting around for years, so it was quite satisfying to find that my compulsive hoarding habit pays off once in a while.

It's amazing what one can do with crap that one finds in a skip.

The thinner double layered pipe was luckily a very snug fit over the flash hider of this model of Airsoft gun, 

The two sizes of plastic piping used for this project.

The larger pipe is cut down to make shims.

the gap between the inner and outer layer was filled with shims cut down from excess outer piping.

The inner pipe is such a tight fit that it rubs of the paint on the orange flash hider.

Every thing was cut by eye and ended up fitting really well without glue, and then sprayed black while on the rifle. The paint didn't cost me as it was left over from a previous project, and it's still going strong.

After first fitting it was spray painted.

This of course was before i took any photos, so the pictures shown here are taken after painting and before sanding back for glueing. Later on i decided to shorten the inner piping by a third, so the outer piping was still as ridged as before with both shims still fitting on.

No end piece is fitted so it acts as an amplifier, but is really simple to cut one from foam/plastic then paint if wanted.

A bonus to point doing this was that the silencer actually acted as an amplifier, not only louder but changed in timbre making it sound closer to a suppressed live round firing gun.

Not bad open sights considering they are made from plastic.

I removed the (plastic) iron sights at first, but later put them back on as i would only loose them if i left them lying around. Besides when back on the gun they improve sighting with the red dot, the rear sight can be flipped up to work when the red dot doesn't, and generally adds to the girth which we all agreed impresses the ladies.

This is the sort of blog entry that comes about after reading Viz comics before working on ones Panther Arms 'Kitty Kat' M4 Cheapy Airsoft rifle, so i shall wish you all fare adieu and see you on the flipside.

All the best,

Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe.

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