Friday, 14 December 2012

now i gone an done it

I decided to write a new blog and go google it, but low and behold when searching for it not only do i not find this blog like i did 2 days ago, but i come up with this news article on a load of yank kids getting shot the hell up , 20+ of the poor buggers dead at school cuz some kids dad goes apeshit with some seriouse gunpower.

Yes the man was angry, maybe angry, angry. Yes he had guns. BUT was HE a company, did he have company, was he in need of company,  i do not know, all i know so far is that he was one total fuck up to do what he did and i hope he is reborn a woodlouse, cuz i dislike those fuckers and i hope i am the one to stomp it.

the Angry, Angry gun company blog is me just waffling airgun stuff, not 'angry angry gun company', some article on a now well fucked dead yank who shot up a load of america's finest youth. As you can see in Great Briton we have a little irony when we name our blogs, in the U S of A they just go Ga Ga with firearms and write any old shit to cover it, it's enough to put me off my tikka masala let alone go on about  whats messing up ; my HW35, or the AGS scope.

I will get back to you on that one at a later date, or just get pissed and forget about it all for now.

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