Saturday, 15 December 2012

" Saturday nights alright for sniping"

Ahhhhh, Saturday night, kids in bed, Basa fish, potatoes, sweetcorn in cajun spice for dinner as I write this blog and the understanding wife watching the 'best and worst of the X fu blowbackctor' (good grief), well my wife finds air rifles as obscure as i find the X fuctor. Saying that though, she loves plinking with the 1077 and 2240 in the garden when I get the guns out. If I ever  get her a cheap bb pistol, i'd most likely get her a Gamo 95 or someting like that, she would have a wicked time with it (and i'd get to use it too cos I love the blowback on those pistols and they use pellets, the ones with the built on silencers is a longer barrel and has a higher fps).

Today was a good day all said and done, without a doubt. The ferrets and chickens are chuffed to be sorted early, kids sorted, busking stuff sorted. Now a few days ago the crosman 1077 decides to dump its entire caplet in 1 whoosh. "Bugger" says I, so I soaked the end of a used caplet in Logun synthetic oil and left it to soak into the rubber seal. Today I tried a fresh co2 caplet and it was all snug and totally leak free,as simple as that, just a few drops of synthetic oil and the seal is as good as new. thank Dog i didn't have to take it apart, i got too many odd job going on at the moment.

Feeling chuffed with that result  on the way to getting dropped off for busking in Cirencester, we popped into the local gun shop and get the Airarms shamal topped up with air from the  tank for 3 quid, i took this time to have a mooch thru the air rifles, the new stuff was HW100's or Daystates and the like, not the cheapest of rifles  to say the least, they had some loverly 2nd hand stuff in tip top condition and top prices too, mod 34, hw77, airsporter but not a mk1, shame really, and some quality sidelevers also. with that done it was off for an abysmal day's busking.

Busking was tight today, not much cash but what the hell i got to play some awesone 'stranglers', 'pogues' 'hawkwind' (that was interesting) and some 'council house tetley'
 so i got to have a good day, and Rosie's asleep when i get back so i get to cook a lush meal.

So roll on sunday and a day of playing in the shed, it seems those  projects don't get done by those airgun pixies anymore, such is life, so it's up to me and my homemade tools to get things done, should be a bit of a wheeze i reckon. i'm going to take the camera to document it, and also a guided tour of the work space too boot.

TTFN from wing commander
 Sir Nigel Tetlington Smythe                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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