Saturday, 19 March 2016

ASG Low Cap Armalite Mags For Airsoft, Plastic and in a Box of Ten.

Having recently purchaced a cheap Airsoft AEG M16 with the idea of using it as a starter gun for some three gun type sport,  or even the two gun version where you throw heavy weights, drag tractor tyres, and then see if you can still hit a target whilst you hyperventilate.

It might be cheap but some double sided sticky tape, card, and paint and it's totally transformed.

Then later receiving a Condor copy combat vest with various pouches for gun mags, a radio, a compass, knife or knives, a pistol and things i've yet to discover, as a Christmas pressie. 

Just seeing that makes me want to go out and merc some fools.

I thought it would be a good idea to get some cheap low capacity mags for the M4 to bulk the vest out with, also low cap mags hold around 30 BB's which add a tad more realism as that is what the real steel versions hold.

I was limited as to what i could buy because i would be using an Amazon voucher, and i really didn't want to wait three weeks on the off chance of something turning up when ordered from China or Hongkong. So it was pretty lucky that i came across some ASG plastic low cap mags for M16 type rifles sold in a box of ten sold in the UK, 

And three days later this came in the post.

they were only 39 quid so i didn't mind that they were tan in colour and not black or grey like it states on the box.

Using the same packaging for 6 different products helps keep the cost down.

Being plastic mags made a very noticable difference in weight compered to the metal hi cap mag that came with the rifle, and they fitted into the magwell with less wobble than the hi cap mag produced. So the first thing i did was to spray a couple of the mags black,

A bit to heavy with the spray can on this side.

just to see how snug they would now fit and how the paint would wear.

Mmmmm, that seems to fit ok.

They were a nice firm fit and there was no immediate sign of wear after playing about ejecting the mag for a while, but some wear will show eventually. Though that shouldn't bother me as i do like a worn look too these things, it's called the distressed look but most just call it tatty.

Cleaning the mags with white spirits before painting really helps the paint stick.

Not having a speed loader i loaded the BB's by hand and found the mags held 33 BB's, as the mag filled the pressure built up and i found it easier and a whole lot less painful to use tip of my cartomizer on my E cigerette to push the last BB's in.
I can load a mag pretty quick with the help of my E cig.

Any make with a cartomizer like this will do the trick, though a speed loader would be quicker.

The follower on the mag is flush with the round feed lip, which leaves three BB's to fall out the mag well when the rifle has stopped firing rounds and the mag removed. So they are truely 30 round mags with just under 10% waste in BB's, unless you can be bothered to catch them to use again.

I try not to get any paint around the feed, when i do the rest i shall just tape it off.

I also noticed that the mags were a tad longer than the hi cap that came with the rifle,

Another bonus for the low cap is that there is no key hole or winding wheel like you find on the hi cap mags

however it's not a problem as i will most likely only use the hi cap when i'm testing stuff. The low cap mags were bought for me to use in timed metal plate shooting disiplines, along with a steel BB blowback P226 pistol and a Crosman 1077 that's a stand in for a semi auto shotgun.

The imitation Eotech red dot sight was only £20 as well, but i've yet to see how that performs.

At the moment the temperature in the UK has not risen above 8 degrees this year as yet, which sadly makes it too cold to use the CO2 pistol and 1077. However the AEG runs on batteries and is not noticably effected by the cold,so i can at least get some rifle practice in the meantime.

Anyway that's all for now.


Best wishes, Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe.

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