Sunday, 10 April 2016

My New Cheap (Non) Eotech 551 Red/Green Dot Sight Copy

While i was browsing for some spare low cap mags for my airsoft M4, i noticed an imitation Eotech 551 red dot sight going for the reasonably low price of £21. So what the heck it's worth a gamble, i went ahead and ordered it.

I don't know who makes it but DBPower are resposible for punting them out.

Three days later a small parcel came in the post with the afore said item inside along with a little cleaning cloth and space for batteries, but no batteries inside said space.

Wot! No batteries?

So off i went to Tescos to get some, followed the diagram on the side of the box and put them in.

Instructions are always handy i tend to find.

It needed a fair bit of force to lift the catch at the front of the sight but i soon had them fitted.

So i lift the latch in the middle do i?

Yes i do

This is the bit where the instructions come in handy, so the batteries go in right the first time.

At least these won't be falling out by accident, in fact the whole sight is pretty solid all around as it's made out of metal(aluminium).Once on the M4 it looked pretty snazzy.

I'm not an Eotech snob you know, i like ACOG's as well.

It looked even better further away.

Mmmmm, i'm touching myself tonight.

There was some slight side movement when pressure was applied, but that was down to the fact that the M4 is made of plastic. The grip for the 20 mm weaver rail is solid,

Pretty solid grip here, no complaints from me.

it can be tightened by finger or with a coin. It even has 'for law enforcment and military use' written on the side, just like the real deal

Still not complaining

The controls are pretty simple, the right hand up arrow turns it on, pressing both up and down arrows at the same time will turn it off.

So simple an idiot can use it.....say no more.

 The circular NV button will change the dot from green

In green.

to red. 

red on low brightness

There are ten levels of brightness which are adjusted by the up and down arrows when the unit is on, and just in case you forget to turn the sight off when you have finnished it will turn itself off after two hours of inactivity.

I'm gonna have to move it down the rail if i want the iron sights back on.

The dot can be adjusted up/down and side to side with the aid of a small coin or flat head screw driver, there are solid clicks when adjusted and directions are explained on the sight next to the adjustment screws.

I originally removed the iron sights but later put them back on due to slight parralax issues, nothing to bad mind you. It is airsoft after all, it's not like i'm going to be shootig tic tacs at 30 yards.

If i don't put them back on i'll only loose them anyway.

By the way about a week later i removed the padding for some reason or other, and bugger me side ways there were the batteries hiding underneath all this time. What a daft twat.
I shall reiterate 'What a daft twat'

Well for the money i spent i have to admit i'm extremely chuffed with this copy. It's perfect for what i need, and that's quick sight aquisition of 4 inch metal plates. Well that's it for now


Best wishes, Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe

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