Thursday, 16 January 2014

Barnett Pro Diablo Slingshot

 My at times annoying git of a wife got me a slingshot for a Xmas prezzie and that was really nice of her because i actually realised it was a pretty cool thing to get and not making her such an annoying bugger after all, i  mean she can be a right royal pain in the arse on the odd occasion but as far as buying me a slingshot goes that was pretty cool.

feels nice to shoot.

 Nice one wifey, i know it's not an air rifle related prezzie but it still fires heavy projectiles at a fare rate.

Thank you for my Barnett Pro Diablo slingshot dear wife.

Any way it's a Barnett Pro Diablo, which means it's got a sighting devise and some counter balancing weights on top of your basic Barnett sling shot. I love the ram's horn design for the sling to fit on to, maybe it helps with the claim for it being the most powerful slingshot in the world.

They used to make quality  Black Widow's when i was young and they had leather wrist supports unlike the plastic ones you get today, and it's the same today as it's the world over.

I'm sure this was leather when i was a kid, but then Wagon Wheels were bigger back then as well.

For 30 quid with spare rubber and shot it's a pretty fair deal, and so thought my wifey and that's why she got it for me. However after testing it i thought it could have done with a higher quality stronger tubular band to make a clean killing shot when used,

Surgical tubular banb that is supplied with the Diablo's, classed as magnum.

thank fuck for Google and Ebay for punting out such over power goodies for slingshots. crossbows, and air rifles. What is really cool about this baby is the sight, it may be very simple but it does the job straight out the box

Simple but effective sight, very adaptable.

 However you might take a while sorting it out to your own personal preference, it will pretty much adapt to your own style like my style of holding the slingshot sideways.

Just as comfy to shoot held like this, photo was done by wifey using her new fish eye lens.

 The counter weights somehow seem to make the whole firing experience a lot more comfortable, but they don't screw in securely and you have to end up using Super Glue.

Counter balances help spread the load.

But side ways held or up right the counter weights do help a lot, and you don't really have to hold the ergonomic grip as it will just sit there supported on your wrist.

Wifey modeling the Pro Diablo, showing where not to place the wrist support.

Though it's best you do hold that grip when you take that shot as it will fall out your hand when you release the sling, but you can pull the pouch right back and balance the thing in the palm of you hand, cool stuff. I've seen film of people firing arrows with these things,

Place that is ideal for fitting a guide for arrows

but you would need to add some sort of guide i would imagine. With the sight eventually set up right i have been getting 6 mm steel shot to within a couple of inches of aim at 30 yards, so it's head straight and always release the pouch from exactly the same place from the side of my jaw every time.

I can't use the thing in the back garden in case the bloke a couple of doors up thinks i'm firing air rifles again and complains to the coppers or housing group, and when one of those 6 mm steel balls hits the back fence it is pretty loud but has no where near enough energy to hole it by then.

Any way back to the counter balances which do help in quite a few ways, that is if they would screw in properly and stay there as that is what your supposed to do. You fit the weights and counter balances one time and don't remove them, or you will strip the thread by taking them off and on again repeatedly. The main heavy one screws into the base of the grip and helps stop the slingshot tipping back when pulling back the sling, or would if there was a hole to screw it into.

This is one heavy chunk of stainless and really helps hold the slingshot steady, i mean it REALLY  does.

It screws into the outer rubber grip but it looks like i'm going to have to drill a hole into the base material, it holds for now but does move about a bit. The two longer and lighter counter balances that fork out from the front help steady you hold and aim, they both screwed in but one on the right is a little loose and wobbles slightly.

Front counter weights are stableisers.

These balances turn it from the Diablo to the Pro Diablo along with the addition of the sight, it has some real heft and is pretty accurate but it's not something you can hide on your person very easily.

Not so easy to conceal.

This thing is excellent fun but it's a shame about the counter weights being loose, this came from Ronnie Sunshine's and they would replace it no hassle if you got one with any problems as they are a very reliable company. But for me it's not a problem as i have the tools and knowledge to fix any niggles, that is when i can be arsed to get around to it as it's still working fine at the moment. I know there is some old wise proverb about fixing things before they get any worse, but i'm buggered if i can remember what it is. The only proverb that readily springs to mind for me most of the time is "A bird in your hand craps all over your wrist"


Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe

Ooh, ooh, oh yeah, i just remembered i got given one of those self cocking crossbow pistols years back and they are great fun, if not a little bit leathal. Then i broke the open rear sights buy storing it underneath about two hundred weight of baby clothes, but i should get that up and running again as it would now be easy to knock up some replacement sights with the knowledge i've picked up in the last year.

Mmmmmmmm yeah.

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