Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Now Christmas is over and the New Year just begun we can all get back to normal life, or what ever people do when they're not bankrupting themselves for one specific date in the year. In the Tetlington-Smythe household it was a pretty chilled and relaxed affair with very little running around like headless chickens, and now the decorations are down it's back to normal and back to work.

I was hoping that on the first day of the New Year i would have got to go down the woods and test the BSA Mercury and Webley Hawk for accuracy, however high winds and severe down pours put paid to that. But there is plenty of time for that as well as all the other things i have put aside, also Christmas brought some new things to try out. Such as...

The Barnett Pro Diablo slingshot which has counter balance wieghts, wrist support and a sight, quick tests in the back garden with 6 mm steel shot have shown this to be amazingly accurate from the off. There was also some camoflage netting which will be very useful in building a hide, along with the leafy gloves and baraclava i got on my birthday that would be me sorted for concealment. Along with the Air Arms s410 in .22 i should be getting when i pay off the last few instalments, which should be a bit easier now Christmas is out the way.

There is plenty sitting on the back boiler as well, such as...  

Looking at the inside of the Wiehrauch HW 35 and seeing why it's only putting out 7 ft/lb, i have a replacement Titan XS spring to fit in it but there may be more to fix.

The Heanel Mod 1 DRP in .177 will need a strip down and new seals and spring, also the stock needs a clean and the action needs reblueing.

The BSA Meteor in .22 needs a whole host of things doing to it, this is a list of things that are way to long to go into till i have it apart again.

The Relum Tornado and Relum Zepher both in .22 need attention to the stock and action, the later is pitted up pretty bad and will need a lot of TLC but looks promising.

And when i get my Air Arms s410 finally , i'm sure i will bore people senseless with the bloody thing. There is also the .177 AA Shamal which is really accurate, but how accurate you would not believe.

I also have some Crosman Co2 airguns sitting around as well as a couple of 6 mm AEG's which are all fun to mess about with, but just sit in the airing cupboard gathering dust and most likely will for some time to come.

So lots of tinkering to come in the new year as well as the field cutlery project, it looks a promising new year for me and i hope it's a good new year for all.


Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe.


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