Thursday, 16 January 2014

What people have liked

Or haven't, as the case maybe

A load of air guns i got to work on.

Today i had a quick look at the stats on my blog, and It's nice to see where in the world people have a browse on this blog and what people are interested in.

Multi pumps appear to be the most popular and i would agree with that as i love them, then BSA's and Weihrauch's seem popular as well as underlevers, though they may not be top class ones. 

Norica Quick underlever proved useful as there was bugger all info i could find on it.

However i can only write blogs on what air rifles i happen to own or borrow, they may not be to everyone's taste but i like them and so do a small minority of other people as well.

The simple truth is i get what i can and play with them, and in this world of tinkerers if i can help someone along their way with the knowledge i have gained then that is a good thing. That's no great level of expertise as far as my blog is concerned, but what i have learned in the last year alone has got to be easily twice as much knowledge than i've gained in the previous 35 years put together.

The Sharp Innova appears to get the most views, but unfortunately that proved to be a little over the limit and was taken for testing while i was on my way to the woods to test and check it. 

Sob sob, boo hoo, i shall miss you, you wonderful little Innova, you.

I was gutted as i loved that rifle but very lucky to just have it confiscated and nothing more, my loss for the sake of £50 for a chronoscope which has now been remedied. 

If i got one of these sooner.
Now though i could strip, clean, reseal, and reassemble an Innova in under an hour, and that would include setting the blow off valve behind the pump head to keep it under 12 ft/lb as well.

the SMK B45-3 multi pump is another popular blog, and this air rifle i could strip and reseal while making tea and toast as i've done it that many times now.

SMK multi pump before.

SMK multi pump after.

I hope to get more multi pumps in the future as they fire like a PCP and have a self contained power plant, i could clean up and sell a couple of my springers and get a Webley Rebel in.22 for just over a £100. I reckon a couple of blogs about improving the many weak points you hear about on them would prove popular, after all they're just a sub standard Innova and there is bugger all info on the net about their internals.

Air Arms Shamal, Quality

The .177 Air Arms Shamal has received a lot of attention after the multi pumps, it's had a review and an accuracy test as well as a a blog on turning down the power. 


It's an amazingly engineered bit of kit and about the most accurate air rifle i have ever come across to date, as accurate as the .22 Air Arms s410 is, the Shamal is so much better in quality, style, and finish, in my humble opinion. Though the s410 is definately going to be my rifle of choise for hunting from now on, but that doesn't mean i'm not going to be using the Shamal any more as it's such a fine rifle to use.

Air Arms s410 carbine, pretty awesome.

The older British springers are next in popularity and the work done on the BSA Mercury has had a lot more interest than the Webley Hawk which itself has proved popular, 

BSA Mercury, nice British springer.

Webley Hawk MkII, British springer that tends to get slated a little.

and being a more a recent post still has time to catch up. Also the review on the Weihrauch HW 35 got a lot of hits, so i should imagine a blog or two when i get around to taking it apart would also prove useful as well. Luckily i have a couple of copies of Airgunner magazine from last summer that explained the whole thing, so i should have no problem doing the work and coming up with a half decent blog.

Weihrauch HW 35, a superb German air rifle

Blogs like this one where i waffle on about stuff don't seem to light any fuses, but then i like to keep up to date with blogs as there are times i'm just too busy to do any work with my air rifles. I would love to get around to finishing the knives off as they are so easy to do when you actually look into it, and they may not be air rifles a such but it's nice to have a good knife when out in the field. Any way that's it for now, I'm gonna find some nice pictures to go with this blog and press publish.


Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe

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  1. I also find the stats of my blog interesting. I'm with the majority, I find the pumpers intrest me the most. Keep up the good work Sir Nigel.